SSG creates a platform for the bus operators to provide vital information for the consumption of general public in making their choice for the service they desire. With the award of star rating, star rating labels will be provided and the bus operators could display them on their bus, ticket counters or office and premises for marketing purposes. More importantly, customers would be able to compare the different operational safety standard practiced among these bus operators, apart from motivating them to improve their operations to a higher level in safety and health, and service performance.

MIROS has introduced a system based approach called the Safety Star Grading System for bus operators. To start of this program the participation was on voluntary basis and targeted among express bus operators.

This program is a consumer based program aimed to provide general public with knowledge and indicator on the safety performance of bus operators in making the best decision in choosing the safest transport by considering safety aspects.

It's also benefiting the bus operators in improving their image, publicity, reputation and marketing purpose as well as continuous improvement in managing the safety operations of the organization to be more competitive.  

Conceptual Framework for Safety Star Rating


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