Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are the main components of SSG?


There are four (4) main components namely Safety, Health, Service Performance and Comfort.

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How SSG can help in making decision to buy a ticket?


SSG for bus operators is formulated to provide an indicator of the safety performance of bus operators for the general public to make their best choice with confidence when they want to travel. Customers would be able to distinguish between different safety standard practiced of bus operators. Apart from that, this SSG would also demand bus operators to improve their operations not only in safety and health aspect but also on other service performances.


What is the importance of SSG programme?

As SSG would demand bus operators to improve their operations in safety, health, service performances and comfort. Thus, it provides a platform for bus operators to continually improve their services which would be a good selling point for their company’s image as well as marketing purposes and also for them to compete amongst themselves in terms of safety operation.


Who is encouraged to participate in this programme?

The participation for this programme was based on voluntary basis and targeted among express bus operators.


What are the validity, invalidity and renewal of SSG?

The star grading shall be valid for the period of two years from the date as specified in the award certificate. The awarded star grading shall become invalid with immediate effect if the operator is found to be involved in any fatal crash due to operator’s negligence or/and found to provide inaccurate information at any point of time within the validity period or upon expiry date stated in the award certificate. The operator shall apply in writing for the renewal of star grading upon the expiry period of the star grading.